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News date: 9th June , 2014 | Author: Onyi

Since my first post in March, I have been extremely busy and productive challenging, teaching, inspiring, empowering, coaching and equipping people how to become students, entrepreneurs or leaders of distinction.


Truly, the first six months of 2014 has been epic, strategic, fulfilling and so amazing for me and my generation too.  I spoke on many different platforms which included, schools, enterprise academics, a youth organisation and a business seminar.




On Bank Holiday Monday, May 5th 2014, I launched an entrepreneurship and leadership masterclass titled: How to become an entrepreneur of distinction™. It’s a never seen before innovative and distinct exclusive event for 10 attendees who will be taught, coached, trained, empowered and inspired how to become distinguished in their chosen field.  The first event is to be held on June 28th 2014.


You know, 2014 is truly proving to be; The Year of Distinction, not just for me, but everyone around the world who comes across the teaching of distinction that we at B1 Coaching and Onyi Anyado Media House deliver.



Serving my generation with excellence will mean my generation can in turn lead with excellence. ~ O. Anyado 2014.

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