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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Life coaching?

Life coaching is the process where you receive coaching strategies to achieve your personal or/and business goals. These strategies are relevant for all short, mid and long term written goals. As your Life coach we will work together in identifying your requirements whether you are an individual, group or business. The services are expendable. We will work towards providing a clear, concise and effective plan of action that can be accomplished within the specified time. As your Life coach my objectives are to help you achieve your goals and to assist you in realising your full potential.

Who and where do I coach?

Services are provided for individuals, groups, families, and small to large businesses. This can be achieved in a formal or informal setting by way of workshops or seminars, within an office space, schools, universities, colleges, and prisons.

How are theses sessions structured?

The sessions are structured to facilitate your specific requirements and can be delivered in-house or at a location of your choice.

How will I coach you?

Methods of coaching you are practical which maximise motivating you, challenging you, teaching you, empowering you and inspiring you. The package is designed so you can achieve your goals and fulfil your potential.


How does it work?

My services for individual coaching can be done face to face or over the phone. This will be done under the prescribed time set.


How much does it cost?

The cost is dependent on what you require.

Why should I use a Life coach?

For you to use my services as a Life coach it will mean that you want new ideas and strategies to achieve your goals effectively, quicker and easier. As your Life coach there will be an assessment of your goals and prior execution will be conducted, and then the effective and successful method of advancement and development will be given. If you desire reaching new levels of excellence, success and refinement in your business, career, education or personal life, then your next step will require using my services as a Life coach.

What benefits do you as a Life coach receive?

The main element of Life coaching is focused on ‘you’ the individual, your goals, your vision and maximising your success. The greatest benefit as a Life coach is seeing successful progression and development from individuals and organisations that I work with. Another benefit is seeing my clients fulfill their objectives, reach new levels of excellence, achieve their written targets in an effective measured, confident, and assured method.

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