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The launch of Your Time Is Now: How to become a student of distinction™ Life coaching workshops, United Kingdom University Tour 

News date: 13th November , 2012 | Author: Onyi

A major vision called Your Time Is Now: How to become a student of distinction™ Life coaching workshops, the United Kingdom University Tour; was launched on the 7th of November 2012. This vision evolved from my passion to see students in the United Kingdom reach new levels of excellence and become students of distinction. I launched […]

Inspiring, influencing and impacting the next generation of leaders part 2

News date: 5th October , 2012 | Author: Onyi

The last week of September 2012 will remain with me for a very long time. In the space of three days I had the privilege to speak to two sets of young people. On Thursday 27th of September, I delivered a presentation at an event titled ‘An Evening with Onyi Anyado’ and on the 30th of September […]

Raise your game, change your game then win your game

News date: 17th September , 2012 | Author: Onyi

On Thursday 30th August 2012, I was invited to deliver a keynote presentation at a monthly seminar called ‘Raise Your Game’-mastermind group. I was excited but not shocked by my invite because as a keynote speaker my presentations on distinction and excellence are in high demand. As the Olympics 2012 games had just finished I was […]

Inspiring, influencing and impacting the next generation of leaders

News date: 9th July , 2012 | Author: Onyi

On Thursday 5th July 2012, I delivered a Keynote Presentation and Q and A session to more than 20 pupils at Enfield Grammar School in North London. After watching a music group perform their gig which was an unusual mix of rap, rock and pop music, I was ready to deliver my own ‘high-octane’ performance. […]

2012 has just started………..

News date: 18th June , 2012 | Author: Onyi

2012 is going faster than a speeding bullet, but do you know what? The first half of 2012 was great but the second half will be even greater. It has been four months since my last post and so much has happened in regards to me as an Author, Life coach and Keynote Speaker. Since […]

Diligence and productivity equals’ time well spent.

News date: 19th March , 2012 | Author: Onyi

Since my last blog I have been extremely busy achieving many important goals. Many of my goals might have seemed insignificant to others but for me, my goals achieved created a platform for me to write and achieve many major visions. A lot of time was spent wisely and I am certainly looking forward to the reward that comes from being committed and focused. I’m very grateful because […]

The Doorway To Distinction is now open, will you enter?

News date: 27th February , 2012 | Author: Onyi

The Doorway To Distinction is now open, will you enter? The Doorway to Distinction: 200 Quotes To Inspire You To Reach New Levels Of Excellence is my second book in nine months. The Doorway To Distinction is not just a book with 200 of my own quotes but it also has a summary for each […]

Time well spent is excellence successfully invested.

News date: 2nd February , 2012 | Author: Onyi

Can you believe that it is February the 3rd already? I remember New Year’s Eve like it was just yesterday. January was a very productive month for me. I achieved many goals and accomplished major visions. As a keynote speaker I spoke in different organisations up and down the United Kingdom, as a Life Coach my […]

Working with your vision so the mission can be possible.

News date: 14th January , 2012 | Author: Onyi

I’m looking forward to this week because I have set myself tangible goals to achieve, goals that will really benefit my long term vision. If you have completed your vision it is essential that you start another one before the “time wasting” syndrome creeps in. Even if you haven’t planned for another vision, you need to go […]

Celebrating the New Year and introducing you to the new B1 COACHING website.

News date: 1st January , 2012 | Author: Onyi

I’d like to welcome you to a new year and also to a new chapter for the company that is B1 COACHING.  It is already the 11th of January and I really do believe that this is your year to soar with the eagles and make every form of average and mediocrity last year’s news. I am extremely […]

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