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The doorway to distinction is now open

News date: 21st April , 2015 | Author: Onyi

In 2012, I self-published my second book from my distinction legacy titled; The Doorway To Distinction: 200 Quotes To Inspire You To Reach New Levels Of Excellence. The Doorway To Distinction is a ground-breaking and pioneering book because no author in the history of literature has written a book with 200 original quotes and teaching which inspires, […]

2014, The Year of Distinction, and 2015?

News date: 30th December , 2014 | Author: Onyi

You know, 2014 has been a epic, edifying and excellent time for me and my generation. In 2014, which I called; The Year of Double Distinction, I had the privilege and honor to speak, inspire, teach, challenge and empower more than 3,000 young people on different platforms around the world. With my keynote titled; How to […]

Rewarding & awarding, distinction style

News date: 10th October , 2014 | Author: Onyi

  It’s been about four months since my latest blog post here at B1 COACHING, four months, wow, that’s a long time!!! Anyhow, since my last blog post, so much as been happening. My message of distinction is really challenging, teaching, equipping and empowering my audience on how and why they should become students, leaders, employees […]

Still serving my generation, with excellence

News date: 9th June , 2014 | Author: Onyi

Since my first post in March, I have been extremely busy and productive challenging, teaching, inspiring, empowering, coaching and equipping people how to become students, entrepreneurs or leaders of distinction. Truly, the first six months of 2014 has been epic, strategic, fulfilling and so amazing for me and my generation too.  I spoke on many […]

Serving my generation with excellence

News date: 10th March , 2014 | Author: Onyi

This is my first B1 Coaching post of 2014 and I can honestly say, the first three months of 2014 has been absolutely busy, productive and fulfilling with me constantly serving my generation with excellence as well as inspiring, challenging, coaching and teaching them how to become distinguished in their chosen field. In January I […]

Thank you, thank you and thank you.

News date: 30th December , 2013 | Author: Onyi

First and foremost, we at B1 Coaching and Onyi Anyado Media House would like to say a big thank you for everyone who has supported us in 2013. We also want to say thank you for everyone who has been equipped, inspired, challenged and taught to become students, entrepreneurs or leaders of distinction.   This […]

And the winner is………..

News date: 16th September , 2013 | Author: Onyi

Wow, wow, wow, wow and a very big wow. It’s unusual to start a blog post with wow but hey, there’s a first time for everything but now is the time. The 16th of September 2013 is a major milestone in my destiny because on that auspicious date I won two awards which changed my life […]

Six months gone, six months to go

News date: 11th July , 2013 | Author: Onyi

It’s been a few months since my last blog post and to be fair, I have been extremely busy. As a keynote speaker the first six months of 2013 has been awesome to say the least. In January I spoke at a conference for young entrepreneurs challenging, teaching and empowering them to hit the target […]

Challenging a generation to hit the target called distinction

News date: 4th April , 2013 | Author: Onyi

Since my last blog post which I posted at the end of January, I have been extremely busy challenging my generation to hit the target called distinction. I launched my new radio show titled: The Onyi Anyado Media House Show: How To Become An Entrepreneur of Distinction™, spoke on various platforms and facilitated many workshops empowering, coaching, teaching […]

Inspiring, influencing and impacting the next generation of leaders part 3

News date: 21st January , 2013 | Author: Onyi

Happy New Year to you and yours. I’m sure your looking forward to a year of productivity and achieving new levels of excellence. The first 10 days of 2013 have been very eventful for me in more ways than one. On the 8th of January 2013, I delivered a keynote presentation to a room full […]

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