Making Great People Greater


B1 Coaching is a unique institution which trains, empowers and motivates people and organisations to fulfil their specific short, mid and long term goals. B1 Coaching’s mission is for its clients to become a reference point of excellence in their chosen field.

The company’s ethos is:

Making Great People Greater™

B1 Coaching was founded by Onyi Anyado. The thirty-something year old Life Coach started the company to help others to achieve their vision and goals and uses a range of techniques including goal setting, time management and confidence building. What differentiates B1 Coaching from other similar companies is that Onyi lives and breathes what he teaches. He is an excellent person, a person of great character, a person of distinction and he embodies this in everything that he does.

Onyi’s Life Coaching flows from his head and heart into the minds of others which creates a distinct and peculiar people who are willing to settle for nothing less than excellence. Onyi also has a range of qualifications to back up what he teaches and his achievements include a diploma in Management and Marketing and qualifications in Counselling.

B1 Coaching has a range of one to one and group coaching sessions designed to empower and equip individuals and small to large businesses to accomplish their vision.

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