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News date: 10th March , 2014 | Author: Onyi

This is my first B1 Coaching post of 2014 and I can honestly say, the first three months of 2014 has been absolutely busy, productive and fulfilling with me constantly serving my generation with excellence as well as inspiring, challenging, coaching and teaching them how to become distinguished in their chosen field.

In January I spoke at a secondary school in West London and told my story; From Detention to Distinction which involved me challenging and teaching pupils how to excel as young people. In my presentation I covered topics such as time management, vision and having the right associations. After my presentation, I was asked questions by pupils and they were instructed by their teacher to write an article about me. Their task involved them going onto Google and searching information about me. It was very humbling to see the results of their search.


In February 2014, I spoke at a seminar challenging and teaching people how to excel online covering topics such as excellence and creativity. My keynote was called; How to become distinguished on-line™.


The following months involved me speaking at schools, colleges, enterprise academies, universities and sitting on panels too. On the 6th of February I delivered my Life Coaching workshop titled: Your Time Is Now: How To Become a Student of Distinction™ at The University of Essex Nigerian Society. (University of Essex, Colchester) It was a refreshing time for all involved with goals set and the bar of excellence raised.

In the first three months of 2014, I’ve spoken to more than 500 people challenging them how to become students, leaders or entrepreneurs of distinction.

Speaking to pupils at a school assembly.



Asking budding entrepreneurs to write down a five year vision.


Speaking on a panel.


Speaking to budding entrepreneurs during a Q&A.

I don’t listen to rap music anymore but a lyric by rap icon; Tupac Shakur has been with me over the last two weeks. “Even a genius ask questions”.


For me, there’s nothing better than challenging, inspiring and empowering my audience and telling them they are geniuses who should always ask themselves questions, ask questions on Google and if they don’t find the answer, they should keep on asking.

Serving my generation with excellence will mean my generation can in turn lead with excellence. ~ O. Anyado 2014.

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