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Six months gone, six months to go

News date: 11th July , 2013 | Author: Onyi

It’s been a few months since my last blog post and to be fair, I have been extremely busy. As a keynote speaker the first six months of 2013 has been awesome to say the least.

In January I spoke at a conference for young entrepreneurs challenging, teaching and empowering them to hit the target called distinction and be a blessing to their generation. That month I also launched my radio show to a global audience called The Onyi Anyado Media House ShowHow To Become An Entrepreneur of Distinction™  which has solidified Onyi Anyado Media House as a leading global brand.


I also spoke at a seminar delivering a keynote presentation titled: How to write, work and win with your goals™ . It was an awesome event because in attendance were people young enough to be my children and old enough to be my parents. I coached, taught and challenged all attendees the importance of writing and achieving their goals with excellence in mind. Between January and June, my schedule was very intense with me speaking in schools, business conferences and seminars, inspiring, challenging and instructing my audience how and why they should regularly write and achieve their goals, constantly raise the bar of excellence, think global and generational and also hit the target called distinction.

Being a voice and reference point of excellence for my generation is essential and pivotal, unfortunately there are many out there who are a noise and referred to as mediocre so with this, I knew I couldn’t afford for my generation to be sold a cheap and average lie.


One of my highlights as a keynote speaker was being nominated for an award. Not only was I nominated by  (N.U.B.A.AThe Nigerian UK Based Achiever’s Award for the inspirational person of 2013, I was also bestowed a leadership award of excellence for my contributions to the next generation of leaders.

The first six months of 2013 was so humbling, strategic and exciting, but I know it doesn’t stop there, in fact, it has just started.


My first speaking engagement of July was at a school in East London. I spoke to a class of 14 and 15 year old boys telling them about my life living the ‘street life’ which resulted in six of my friends being murdered and me nearly getting shot dead as well. I continued speaking about the fame, shame, lies and cries of the ‘street life’ which was a wake up for many of them who lived in areas plighted by gang warfare. I proceeded to speak to them about having a long term vision for school, college, university and business knowing many will find fulfillment in becoming an entrepreneur. I challenged them about their associations telling them, their friends can make or break them and because readers are leaders they need to read at least one book a month. At the end of the presentation, questions were asked and each young man was given a specific and measurable goal to achieve. The session ended with a round of applause which I humbly received knowing that for these young men, there are no more excuses, why? All the excuses they might come up with, I’ve lived them and have now passed the test with the mark of distinction.


For me, it’s not just about blessing my generation, I’ve done that already, I also have to be a father to the ‘fatherless’ and a guide to the ‘vision’ less. © O. Anyado 2013.

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